Our Staff

At Chicago Eye Doctors inside Pearle Vision Chicago, our highly trained and experienced staff is ready to help you.

Gloria Hernandez

Gloria Hernandez is the General Manager of the Riverpoint Center Pearle Vision, she has over 20 years experience as an optician in both ophthalmology and optometric practices. She has been with Chicago Eye Doctors since 1996. Gloria is a highly skilled optician with expertise in performing the precise measurements needed to ensure that your eyewear is stylish, fits properly and functions as the doctor prescribed.

Gloria has delivered numerous training seminars to other opticians focusing on topics such as frame adjustments, measuring for no-line bifocals and troubleshooting eyeglass prescription problems. In addition to her opticianry skills Gloria is also fluent in Spanish.

Roberto Perez

Roberto Perez is the Lab Manager at the Riverpoint Center Pearle Vision; he has been with Chicago Eye Doctors since its founding in 1991. With years of experience to guide him Roberto is an expert in all kinds of lens design from the latest digital lenses to the seemingly endless variety of lens coatings available. Roberto is also an indispensable resource for our store opticians in advising them on the best lenses to use for a given prescription. Roberto is also an expert in the high tech lab equipment responsible for providing Pearle Visions 1 hour service on most glasses.

Tom Barker

Tom Barker has been the General Manager of the Six Corners Pearle Vision location for over 16 years and has been a practicing optician for almost 22 years. This extensive background and years of training have provided Tom with the knowledge base to tackle almost any situation. He is skilled in all phases opticinary, lab and dispensing. This unique perspective allows him to “see” what a given prescription will look like in a frame being considered by a customer before it’s even made.

Julie Andriacchi

Julie Andriacchi is the Operations Manager for all four Chicago Eye Doctors - Pearle Vision locations. In this role Julie is responsible for overseeing the training and customer service component of these locations. Since 1991 Julie has worked in almost every role within our organization giving her a unique perspective on the customer experience.

Julie communicates Dr. Vidulich’s and Blase’s passion for excellence to the entire staff, her previous experience as a teacher makes Julie the go to source for training, coaching and leading by example.


Debbie is the Manager of our Old Town Square Chicago Eye Doctors - Pearle Vision location. As manager Debbie is responsible for ensuring a  high level of customer service at this location. She sees that every customer and patient is treated with care, expertise and efficiency. Debbie's enthusiasim and skill is immediately obvious to all of her customers and co-workers. Consistenly receiving positive on-line reviews from multiple customers she is truly a leader by example, Debbie is also fluent in Spanish