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Won’t getting glasses make my kid’s eyes worse?

It’s a question we hear frequently at our Pearle Vision locations in Chicago and Melrose Park.

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Dr. Spencer Vidulich optometrist the Riverpoint Center Pearle Vision says, “glasses will do one thing, help you see more clearly. If your child needs glasses to see the board or to help with reading they really should have them, the glasses won’t make the child’s eyes worse. One change that does occur is that, as a person gets used to seeing better the brain resets it’s idea of what “clear” vision is, a process called perceptual adaptation.”

It’s also important to realize that the connection of the eye to the brain is still forming for several years after birth, if a child is coping with blurred vision during this time without corrective lenses, irreversible vision damage can possibly occur. Amblyopia, a condition in which an eye cannot see better than 20/25 visual acuity even with glasses and in which no eye disease is present can result from not wearing corrective lenses during this critical developmental period.