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Which one really is better, one or two?

To many of our patients that question causes a bit of anxiety, what if I don’t see any difference, will I get the wrong prescription?

The test we’re referring to is known in optometry parlance as refraction, it is an important part of an eye exam. But, at our four Chicago area Pearle Vision locations we use a combination of high tech equipment, experienced doctors and a commitment quality care to make this process precise and possibly even enjoyable.

So, what is this test about, isn’t it just to prescribe glasses or contacts? The answer is yes and much more. Dr. Todd Hungerford of Pearle Vision Melrose Park describes the refraction as important test to tell him about the overall status of a patient’s eye health. “A small change in a patient’s refraction can give me a clue if a patient has swelling in the cornea or retina or even cataracts.”

At Chicago Eye Doctors Pearle Vision we want you to know the importance we place on each and every step in your eye exam. We understand your concerns and through a combination of technology, experience, personal care and a commitment to quality we deliver a worry free experience in assessing your eye health and prescribing your glasses or contacts.

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